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Calculator Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use apply to the following calculators provided by Money Grows on Trees:

  • Dishwasher Savings Calculator
  • Fridge Savings Calculator
  • Solar Panel Savings Calculator
  • Television Savings Calculator
  • Washing Machine Savings Calculator

The Conditions of Use apply to these calculators as they appear on;

  • The Money Grows on Trees website (www.moneygrowsontrees.com.au);
  • The APPliance mobile applications for Apple and Android mobile devices;
  • Any third party websites or applications, in the form of an Application Programming Interface (API) developed by Money Grows on Trees, and made available to a third party for use on its website.

1. The calculations provided by the calculators on this site are for indicative purposes only.

2. Money Grows on Trees uses its best endeavours to ensure that the calculations and recommendations provided are based upon reasonable assumptions and methodologies, and that any data sources utilised by the calculator are kept up to date. However Money Grows on Trees does not provide any warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy of the results or the recommendations provided by its calculators.

3. The figures for actual cost, carbon emissions, energy use and solar panel energy production that you experience in your household situation are likely to differ from those in the calculators for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Energy use figures in the calculator are based upon appliances being operated under test conditions. Conditions in your household are likely to be different to the test conditions.
  • You may be on a different electricity plan to the ones used to calculate electricity prices in each state.
  • Electricity prices used assume a flat electricity price throughout the day, with no time of use pricing.
  • Electricity prices and carbon emissions assume 100% use of grid-supplied power, with no reliance on purchased green power or household solar power.
  • You may be under a different solar feed-in-tariff scheme to those used in the Solar Panel Savings Calculator.

4. Money Grows on Trees is not liable for any loss, economic or otherwise, suffered by a user who makes a decision on the basis of calculations and/or recommendations provided by its calculators.

5. Any model recommendations provided in the dishwasher, fridge, television and washing machine calculators are purely based upon the relative lifetime costs and lifetime carbon emissions of the models compared. The recommendations are not endorsements of these models. The recommendations do not take into account other important aspects of the purchase decision such as;

  • the suitability of each model for your needs;
  • any differences in features or specifications between the models;
  • quality and reliability differences between the models.

You should seek further information on these and other aspects of your purchase decision before buying a model.

6. The lists of models and their respective energy consumption figures, as displayed in the dishwasher, fridge, television and washing machine calculators, are provided by the Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Industry and Science). The Commonwealth of Australia does not provide any endorsement for these calculators.

7. Emission factors for household electricity use are sourced from the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors published by the Commonwealth of Australia (Department of the Environment).

8. Solar electricity production for each region included in the solar panel savings calculator is based upon postcode rating zones published in the document “Postcode zone ratings and postcode zones for solar (photovoltaic) systems” by the Commonwealth of Australia (Clean Energy Regulator) .

9. Any individual or organisation may publish the results of a calculation performed on any Money Grows on Trees calculator provided that Money Grows on Trees is attributed as the source of the information. All other intellectual property in these calculators (except that belonging to other parties as indicated) belongs to Money Grows on Trees and may not be used for any other individual or commercial purpose without Money Grows on Trees’ express consent.

10. Money Grows on Trees collects and stores data from individual calculator sessions. The data stored does not include any personal information.

11. Solar panel quotes are provided by Total Quote. Money Grows on Trees receives a commission from Total Quote for business passed on to Total Quote.

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