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How the ethical home loan service works


We’ve made it easy for you to find a home lender that shares your values and your vision for a better world. Our partnership with ethical home loan experts abfinance* gives you access to home loans from over 30 banks, and to information on the ethical record of the banks you might be considering for your loan.

How the process works

abfinance’s services come at no cost to you. If you take out a loan through abfinance, they get a commission from the lender. If you don’t, then you don’t have to pay them anything.

The process with abfinance starts with arranging an initial consultation. abfinance will then contact you to arrange a convenient time. You’ll then go through a detailed process to uncover the best deals available from the various banks, and how each bank aligns with your values.

The abfinance ethical home loan process
ethical home loan process

What values are examined?

abfinance screens banks on a number of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. They look at these holistically, not only taking into account a bank’s efforts to abstain from negative behaviours, but also their proactiveness in exhibiting positive behaviours.

They’ll find out which issues matter the most to you, and they’ll then try and find banks with the most appropriate ethical practices in those issues.

Behaviours that abfinance examines
behaviours that abfinance examines

What if it costs me more to go ethical?

It might be that the best deal in the market comes from a bank that doesn’t match your values. Both Money Grows on Trees and abfinance recognise that even a small difference in rates can add up to thousands of dollars for you in the long-run.

abfinance can set you up with a loan from any bank, and will recommend loan options that match your needs at the time. During the term of your loan, abfinance will keep you updated on the pricing of your preferred ethical lenders against other lenders in the market. You’ll have the opportunity to review your loan later as your circumstances and market conditions continue to evolve.

*Money Grows on Trees has partnership agreements with businesses that share our values, including abfinance. As part of our agreement, abfinance pays us a referral fee for business we refer. We use this money to keep our site running and to keep the information we produce free of charge.

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