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Buyer’s Guides

  • Fridge Buyer’s Guide

    Discover how you could save hundreds of dollars and reduce your carbon footprint simply by buying the right type of fridge for your needs.

  • Home Cooling Buyer’s Guide

    Read this before buying a new cooling system! We’ve compared fans, air conditioners and evaporative cooling to see which one can save you the most money and CO2 emissions.

  • Home Heating Buyer’s Guide

    Getting rid of an electric heater could save you thousands. We show you how air conditioning and gas heating can slash your heating bills and drastically reduce your CO2 emissions.

  • Hot Water System Buyer’s Guide

    An electric water heater could be costing you dearly. Find out how replacing it with a gas, solar or heat pump system could save you thousands of dollars and slash your CO2 emissions.

  • Solar Panel Buyer’s Guide

    Everything you need to know to make the right decision on solar panels – whether they’re right for your home, how much money you could save, and how to pick the right system.

  • Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

    Find out how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars and reduce your energy and water use, simply by buying the right washing machine for your needs.


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