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Hot Water System Buyer’s Guide

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Hot water systems account for around 25% of all energy use in Australian homes, making them the second largest user of energy in the home, behind room heating and cooling.1 However water heating actually produces more CO2 emissions than room heating and cooling. There are two main reasons why heating water has such a big impact:

  • We use a lot of hot water: the average household uses about 200 litres a day.2
  • We use inefficient water heaters: 56% of households use inefficient electric hot water systems,3 massively increasing their energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Moving to a more efficient hot water system is one of the quickest ways to save on energy bills and slash your carbon footprint. However a new hot water system could cost you over $1,000, so if you don’t pick the right type, it could become a very costly decision in the long run.

Save money and CO2 Emissions on Water Heating

Money Grows on Trees has created a simple guide to help you work out whether you should buy a new water heater, and if so, what type. Our Guide covers:

  • Whether you should buy a new hot water system
  • The different types of energy-efficient hot water systems
  • Recommended systems based on the size of your household
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